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I've written fairy poems for years, and now here they are in their very own blog. Hope you enjoy reading them!
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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Purple Book of Fairy Poems

Twelve original fairy poems by Randi Kuhne of MyFairyPoems.com
The Purple Book of Fairy Poems - click to order at Etsy
I've just completed my ebook of fairy poems and listed it in my Etsy shop. The volume features 12 original poems, with illustrations, all by me. This edition is PDF format for reading on a computer, tablet, or other electronic device.

A sample poem from the book.

Thumbnails of all 12 poems.

I've very excited to have finally completed this project. Well, this phase, anyway. I'll be working on a version for the iBookstore, then a Kindle format for Amazon.

For tonight, though, I'm taking a break and vegging out a bit!! I'll post updates here, at Twitter, on Facebook, and in my Etsy shop.

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