Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fairy in a Muddle

Some fairies are simple beings
Not made for this technical age
Their minds go all aflutter
Reading a techie web page.

Yet sometimes it's quite necessary
To master the more complex themes
Sadly there's no pixie magic
Enlightening us in our dreams.

So here I sit in a muddle
Trying to figure things out
Breathing ever so deeply and trying
To leave my hair in, not pull out.

In the end it will all come together
The bells and the whistles and all
That will make my fairy site wondrous
To all those who pay it a call.

Until then this humble beginning
Where fairy rhymes flow from the heart
Welcomes you in with a sweet fairy grin
And hopes that you never depart.
(Well, and least not without 'Follow'ing me first!)

©2010 Randi Kuhne, My Fairy Poems. All rights reserved. No other use without permission.

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