Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Shop-Till-You-Drop Fairy

A fairy went to town one day,
She needed several things,
Like ribbons for her flowing hair
And glitter for her wings.

Besides all her necessities
She found some other stuff,
Some pillows and soft coverlets,
And other kinds of fluff.

Also sparkling dishes,
Tidbits sweet to eat,
Lovely frocks with pockets,
Shoes for her tiny feet.

Tempted by their shine and glow,
Their lovely hues and flowers,
She gathered quite a lot that day,
And shopped and shopped for hours!

Then home she went with all her goods
Her feet and purse were tired,
She sat among her purchases
Feeling uninspired.

A cup of tea, a bite to eat,
A little bit of rest,
And once again the fairy
Was feeling quite her best.

And picking up a ribbon,
She tied it on her wrist,
Reminding her the next time
Go shopping with a list!

©2010 Randi Kuhne, My Fairy Poems. All rights reserved. No other use without permission.

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