Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fairy, Fairy

Fairy, fairy, so depressed,
Too weary to get up and dressed,
Staying there in bed all day
Will never get you better pay.

Fairy, fairy, you must try,
Even if you have to lie
And tell yourself things are okay
When they really just don't feel that way.

Fairy, fairy, in your heart
You know you have to play the part
Until the life is manifest
That makes you feel your very best.

So go ahead and make your day,
There really is no other way;
It's up to you, your very self,
To rise and wake your inner elf.

Make the magic...just believe
You still have tricks stashed up your sleeve;
Set a smile upon your face,
That will help you find the grace.

Believing is what makes it so,
As was said so long ago;
Take the stage, and do it now,
Play your part and take a bow.

Fairy, fairy, rise and shine!
The world is yours, don't sit and whine;
Find the glitter, seek the glow,
Let it fill you, head to toe.

Fairy, fairy, it is time,
To make your inner world sublime;
The outer world will fall in line,
Go plant your magic beanstalk vine!

©2010 Randi Kuhne, My Fairy Poems. All rights reserved. No other use without permission.

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  1. I wrote this poem for myself, and for anyone else who feels overwhelmed by the financial difficulties of the present time. It behooves us, inasmuch as we can, to lighten our moods and do what we can, within and without, even small steps. A somber mood only adds to depression and feeds the cycle of depression-inactivity-low productivity-poor results. Sometimes you just can't look down, you have to believe in the impossible--fairies, miracles, whatever it is you believe in. I truly believe that, to a greater or lesser degree, our collective mood and beliefs affect our collective circumstances.

    Of course, if you or anyone you know suffers from major depression, or is feeling too overwhelmed or distraught, professional help is the recommended course of action.


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