Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Little Lost Fairy

One day I heard a crying noise
Like a kitten newly born,
The sound was so mysterious
And very much forlorn.

I looked around the garden
Until finally I found
A tiny little fairy
Hiding on the ground.

She sat upon a fallen leaf,
Tears fell from her eyes,
Her shoulders shook with sobbing,
I could not stop her cries.

So I sang her a sweet lullaby
My mother sang to me,
And patiently I waited
Beneath a shady tree.

When all her tears had fallen,
She wiped her little face,
Opened up her tiny eyes,
And looked about the place.

Her face was filled with puzzlement,
For she had no idea
Just exactly where she was,
Or how she'd gotten here.

While picking juicy berries
For a tasty little pie,
She'd somehow wandered off too far
She told me with a sigh.

How to get back home again
Perplexed the fairy so,
For which way home and mother were
She really didn't know.

A tiny little fairy,
So lost and all alone,
Too young to be so far away,
Of course I'd help her home!

Together we went looking
Till finally we found
A worried fairy mother
Crying the saddest sound.

Finally reunited,
They hugged, and cried, and laughed,
And baked a yummy berry pie,
The tears all in the past.

©2010 Randi Kuhne, My Fairy Poems. All rights reserved. No other use without permission.

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