Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Lovely Unexpected

Looking through my window
Out into the glade
I see the gentle violets
Lying in the shade
The wind it blows so softly
Sighing through the trees
And there's a touch of magic
Floating on the breeze
The merry dappled sunshine
Sparkles here and there
It makes me think of fairies
Gliding through the air
For all of nature sings out
The beauty of the day
So it should not surprise me
To see the lovely fae
Hiding in the garden
Playing in the flowers
All without a care as they
While away the hours
Look outside your window
Perhaps you'll see them too
In the midday sunshine
Or early morning dew
Our eyes behold such wonders
When hearts and minds let go
The expected expectations
New worlds we come to know

-Randi Kuhne

©2013 Randi Kuhne, My Fairy Poems. All rights reserved. No other use without permission.

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